Our life passes in a furious rhythm of our time. The slightest delay in an important meeting or just a date with a loved one can turn into a real catastrophe. And then, without an accurate time measuring device, there is no way to do it. Naturally, today’s requests for the time are answered by “mobile phones”. However, there is a category of people, and not a few, who traditionally use the clock.

For some it’s just an appliance, for the second a fashion accessory, and for the third just a precious memorable thing. At the BC Watch Repair you will find the solutions.

As the familiar military pilot who had personal “Commander’s” told, executed by special order: “For me they were” breadwinners “. I threw them into a glass in a glass, which my friends poured with vodka, and then, after drinking vodka I took out my watch, and threw them on the floor with a swing. After that, he demonstrated their impeccable progress. Friends and took them off hand when I was in a “good” state “”- similar cases of the Soviet clock can be given a lot.

  • Today, the Celestial Empire has shown to the world that much is better at the expense of quality and at a lower price, than little and high. The People’s Republic of China killed Soviet watch traditions, and not only Soviet, but it is safe to say that it is also a glorious Switzerland.
  • On the current situation on the watch market, their malfunctions, repair features, recommendations for care, talked with some of the Chernigov watchmakers.
  • It’s not strange, but in the House of Life, which, according to the Prospect Mira, the repairman did not find the watch: “Look for stalls on the street, rent is very expensive, and they left here for a long time,” suggested jewelry masters who apparently pay without problems their high rental income.
  • To the watchmaker there was a queue of people willing to show him their favorite chronometer. He stood and admired the master’s elegant work, and agreed on a meeting for a later time. On the appointed day we met.


By that time, many hours had already been sold, a watch was guaranteed, and accordingly it was necessary to engage in service. I had to master the profession of a watch repairman. There was interest and desire, so the training was quick and successful. In 2005, the “Style-Style” store was opened, and since then I have been working as a watch repairman here.

The Repairing

In the repair bring different watches, luxury watches (such as Rolex watches, Seiko Watch repair), mechanical and quartz. They bring old Soviet watches. Many who used to love mechanics switched to quartz watches. Still, quartz watches at the household level are more convenient than mechanical ones.

Most watches are brought to repair with such problems: the clock does not go, fall behind or rush, strap repair is required, a winding eye has flown out, glass is broken, the watch is wet, the battery needs to be replaced. But, three – five hours a day, bring and with serious malfunctions. Prices for repairs are different. It all depends on the complexity of the repair. Replacement of the battery, for example – if you put a simple battery that works up to a year – 10 UAH., And if the Swiss – 20 UAH., It works more than two years.