Your 30th birthday is quick approaching, and it is time for you to get serious about girls 30th party ideas in Chicago Illinois. Whether you think that turning thirty fully sucks or turning thirty fully rocks – or whether you would love to forget about the number altogether and just spend an exciting evening with your friends and family with some hot girl strippers – we have got a party idea for you.

80 theme

This thirty birthday theme is best for someone who has maintained a set of 80s memorabilia from their own childhoods, although it would also be easy to recreate a full collection. Thinks VHS tapes of memorable 80s movies, classic 80s candy, plus stereotypical 80s tech like cassette tapes, brick sized mobile phones, joysticks, 3 1/2 inch floppy disks, Nitendo Gameboys and Walkmans.

30 sucks

Milestone birthdays are particularly hard for these complaining type people, and if you indentify with this sentiment, realize that sometimes it is excellent to open about your feelings and let every person know that you think 30 fully sucks! Well that is why having some beautiful female Chicago strippers come out to your venue is a great idea. Turn it up with a hot brunette and blond with a juicy body of curves. There will be those who will fight with you, claiming the 30s will be the top decade of your life, and there will be those people still in their twenties who will commiserate and admit that you are indeed very old.

Cassette tapes

There were the tapes that were given as Christmas and birthday gifts, tapes that you copied off your friend’s originals, additional the classic mixtapes that you got from a crush. With it being almost impossible to stop people from breaching the copyright on cassettes tape back in the day, high amount of your pocket cash was probably send on buying a ten pack of blank tapes and borrowing your friends albums.

Retro game play

If you ask someone their best retro game, you will probably hear Scrabble, Monopoly, Twister, and some variation of those brand games with the plastic dome in the center that contained the dice. A Twister style game can be simply created for an outdoor party. Make your own spinner, or use a spinner from an old real Twister game, and you have got an outdoor party game to keep guests exciting and happy.

Classic gold and pink theme

This gold and pink themed 30th birthday party is the epitome of class and style. Make this look with as much metallic gold as you can find, gathered with a tea light candles and wonderful wine. A related idea is to setup black posterboard with gold metallic long-lasting markers for people to write their birthday wishes.