Learning a language that is not your own can be intimidating. The reasons for learning a second language like English will be varied, but once undertaken and accomplished, will result in immense satisfaction and confidence.

Nouns, verbs, adverbs, articles, conjugations, tenses, exceptions – all these rules and technicalities are confusing. Intimidating and overwhelming even. But that’s why you want to attend an experienced and proven Englisch Kurse in Zurich to teach you.

With well-structured lesson plans that take into account the variable learning skills of individuals, professional schools will work with you to improve your communication skill set. Your job is to keep yourself motivated so that you improve continually, sometimes in small increments.

Read on to get some tips on how to keep yourself motivated.

  1. Think of the end game. You may have taken up learning English because of job requirements, or from seeing the need to keep yourself competitive academically. Sometimes, people take up languages as a hobby, and it can be as satisfying as, say, assembling your first Arduino-powered robot.
  2. Don’t compare yourself constantly to your companions or classmates. Everyone faces their own learning difficulties and you may find certain modules more challenging (or easier!) than others. When you’re under pressure to learn English, the stress level can be quite high, and the learning experience not as enjoyable as it could be. But even in these cases, look to the little victories in the learning process to motivate yourself to study more.
  3. Find a learning partner. You will feed off each other’s success, and the other person can help you out with learning difficulties you may find yourself in. Having a learning partner can also help you feel accountable towards not dragging the other person down.
  4. If you feel lazy, take baby steps for a lesson or two. This is where a partner can be a big help in getting back your motivation. If you feel overwhelmed in learning the language, take a week off but don’t lose sight of why you took up English lessons in the first place.
  5. Perhaps the best motivation for learning English is that it will change your life. Being an almost universal language, English is spoken almost everywhere. Even if you are just conversant, you can meet new people, articulate yourself in a common language, and improve your career prospects. Continued practice will improve your facility in speaking and writing it, which will open up more possibilities for your personal and professional life.

Thanks to Progressive English for these tips.