Eyestrain is a problem many of us live with. Eyestrain is a problem that affects you in many ways: Your mind begins to slowly shut down as your eyesight worsens. Spending hours in front of your computer, or iPad causes eye strain and decreases peripheral vision. Both are akin to decreased mental nimbleness

Day traders who spend hours in front of their computer screens often don’t realise how staring at the charts looking for the next trade impacts their eyesight and their minds over time.

It’s not just traders:

Worsening eyesight, even at an early age, is one of the modern dis-eases. Social conditioning has instilled in us new habits which don’t promote brain health, or eye health. There is a belief that after a certain age our eyes and our brains can only get worse. We now know that this is simply untrue. You can improve your eyesight and you can improve your brain at any age.

It is all about B.S, belief systems

The fact that large parts of the population are happy wearing glasses may be good news for opticians and spectacle manufacturers, but it is bad news for our brains.

Worsening eyesight slows down the brain

Our eyes are the window of our consciousness. Poor vision, which often is accompanied by decreasing peripheral vision makes us take in less of our environment. Our world literally becomes smaller. I am sure you are aware how older people increasingly live in their own world. We contribute this to the mind shutting down, the body getting less agile and so on. Weakening eyesight is a major contributor to decreasing mental faculties.

Learn to become aware of the connection between eye strain and increased mental strain when you sit at your computer

You can train your eyes in the same way you train your body to adopt better behaviour. I know that might sound like hard work, but this need not the case.

You can re-train your eyes to see better again

Guided meditation is one of the most effective techniques you can learn to regenerate your entire mental and physical matrix. It relaxes the entire body and endocrine system is not just immensely pleasing to body, mind and your eyes. The technique is truly transformational and in my opinion one of the most effective ways to transform your life.

I was born with an eye problem:

I was brought up with the belief that my eyes could only get worse. And they did at some point, but the worsening eyesight was closely linked to my inability to see that there was another way.

Wearing glasses all the time distorts the eyeball thus adding to mental strain decreasing neuro plasticity, the brain’s ability to be nimble and to learn new things.

I teach my clients an exercise called Hakalau

Hakalau increases peripheral vision. It also calms the mind almost instantly. When the mind is trained to operate in a waking theta state your eyes automatically become more relaxed. You begin to see better, notice more of your environment as the brain returns to its natural coherent state.

Become aware how your unconscious habits affect you mentally and emotionally. It is the biggest gift you can give yourselves and your eyes too. And, a final piece of advice: Wear pin hole glasses when you are at your computer!

Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a thought leader in the field of trading psychology. She is the author of “The Buddhist Trader” and other books on trading psychology and personal development.

Her unique guided meditations for traders increase cognitive awareness and improve trading.