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Axe Throwing Safety-How safe Axe throwing is?

Axe Throwing may be a unique and exciting activity that was brought into existence just over a decade ago within the backwoods of Ontario, Canada. Since then, it’s exploded into a sport that’s making waves on the international stage. Yes, you read that correctly, Axe Throwing is a world sport! How do i become knowledgeable Axe Thrower? Well there are few ways to interrupt into this sport!

Axe Throwing Safety

Axe throwing is perhaps one among the safest sports around, believe it or not. You’re not throwing a ball towards an individual, as in baseball, you’re not leaping and crashing into other players or falling on the ground, as in basketball.

Are the materials up to standard?                                 
Bad Axe Throwing ensures all the materials for axe throwing events is up to plain and in proper condition. Our equipment is resolve built, clean and exactly maintained. Before each event, the axes making them sharp enough to stay to the targets but not …

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Look After Your Eyes: The Eyes And Your Brain Are Linked

Eyestrain is a problem many of us live with. Eyestrain is a problem that affects you in many ways: Your mind begins to slowly shut down as your eyesight worsens. Spending hours in front of your computer, or iPad causes eye strain and decreases peripheral vision. Both are akin to decreased mental nimbleness

Day traders who spend hours in front of their computer screens often don’t realise how staring at the charts looking for the next trade impacts their eyesight and their minds over time.

It’s not just traders:

Worsening eyesight, even at an early age, is one of the modern dis-eases. Social conditioning has instilled in us new habits which don’t promote brain health, or eye health. There is a belief that after a certain age our eyes and our brains can only get worse. We now know that this is simply untrue. You can improve your eyesight and

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