Axe Throwing may be a unique and exciting activity that was brought into existence just over a decade ago within the backwoods of Ontario, Canada. Since then, it’s exploded into a sport that’s making waves on the international stage. Yes, you read that correctly, Axe Throwing is a world sport! How do i become knowledgeable Axe Thrower? Well there are few ways to interrupt into this sport!

Axe Throwing Safety

Axe throwing is perhaps one among the safest sports around, believe it or not. You’re not throwing a ball towards an individual, as in baseball, you’re not leaping and crashing into other players or falling on the ground, as in basketball.

Are the materials up to standard?                                 
Bad Axe Throwing ensures all the materials for axe throwing events is up to plain and in proper condition. Our equipment is resolve built, clean and exactly maintained. Before each event, the axes making them sharp enough to stay to the targets but not sharp enough to harm you to the touch.
Where can we stand?
It’s normal to throw about 12 feet from the target. An X on the bottom or a yellow line, as shown above marks where participants should stand to throw. Each axe throwing lane has two of those markers, each facing their own target. This enables for 2 players to throw simultaneously side-by-side. Each marker is approximately 6 feet apart, allowing a clearance of 6 feet around each player. This ensures that if there’s any bounce backs from the axes, nobody will get hit from the ricochet.
Where are the axes?
Between the markers for every thrower is that the axe holster which is employed to store the axes. Players grab their axes from the axe holster before their throw, retrieve the axe from the target when it’s safe, and then return the axes to the holster when they’re finished.
When am i able to throw my axe?
To ensure that both players throw at an equivalent time your coach will count from three. The countdown also signals the position you ought to be certain each number called out. See the complete guide the way to throw an Axe. The countdown ensures that no-one accidentally progress to retrieve their axe before the opposite player has thrown.
When is it safe to retrieve axes?
Two players must throw their axes simultaneously. It’s imperative that every player has completed their throw before either player progress to retrieve their axe from the target. The coaches also enforce this rule – as all others – throughout the whole duration of your event. They’re going to warn you to attend if you’re approaching the axe throwing target and therefore the other person has not thrown.
Has anyone ever been hurt?
There has never been any case of injury at any of our locations. Our coaches are experts at enforcing axe throwing safety; primarily because they know tons about axe throwing and teach you the proper thanks to roll in the hay, and also because we hire mature, safety conscious coaches to stay axe throwing safety a priority.