A new year is here, and 2018 will undoubtedly bring about many changes. It’s the time to update your wardrobe, and this year’s fashion trends will help you choose what to buy.

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Your style doesn’t only reflect on your appearance but also on how others judge you. Here are seven styles set to take over 2018.

Coloured Velvet and Corduroy

At Fashion Week corduroy was showcased in bright colours instead of the usual browns. To make the best of this style, wear toned-down outfits with a corduroy or velvet jacket in mustard, burgundy and navy tones.


The sportswear trend made a comeback in 2017, and 2018 is set to be even bigger. Start with the basics and go for a puffer jacket. Jogging bottoms are also a staple and can be mixed with smarter clothes.

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Checks and Tartan

Checks and tartan seem to disappear then re-emerge in fashion. In 2018 they’re back, and shirts are everywhere. If you like a quirky look, then tartan trousers are also popular, but combine them with dark colours.


The utilitarian trend is popular in streetwear style, but it can be a hard look to pull off. If you’re new to utility clothes, then wear a cross body bag over a mac jacket. It’s a casual look, so don’t combine it with anything formal. You can find mens designer jackets at places such as https://www.ejmenswear.com/.

Block Colours

Colours have always been essential in men’s fashion, but this year designers have mixed things up. Bolder statement colours are replacing last year’s pastel shades. The key colours are orange, purple and silver, but any bold colour will work to achieve the look. It only works when combined with a black outfit, and only one colour should be worn. Stay away from stripes and focus on small details.

Knitwear Hoodies and Sweats

Hoodies and sweats are staples, and luckily they aren’t disappearing from the high street. Men’s knitwear is usually quite plain and simple, but this year it’s about to get interesting. Bold and colourful jumpers will be available for people who like to make a statement.

Oversized Clothes

Last year baggy hoodies were in, and this year includes baggy trousers and jackets. To achieve the best look, wear a baggy long sleeve t-shirt tucked into baggy trousers.