The smart money in interior design for 2018 is on the colour sage. Warm and neutral, it’s an easy colour to decorate with and one you’ll want to add to your palette. It also goes well with wood, metal and white soft furnishings and can easily be incorporated into existing designs.

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Where Does It Go?

The easiest way to add sage to your home decor scheme is obviously in accessories. Cushions and throws can add hints of this year’s colour throughout a room without costing the earth. But for those who really want to make a splash, wall paint is another practical choice.

By choosing the feature wall approach to painting, you can easily bring sage into your home without completely redecorating the room. The neutral qualities of sage mean it already goes well with the other white walls and any natural wood furniture or oriental rugs you have in place.

But for those looking to really embrace the look without painting the walls, they should consider painting existing wooden furniture instead. A sage side table standing on engineered flooring from a supplier such as can really work.

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Bring Sage into the Kitchen and Bathroom

For those lucky enough to have wood panel interiors, sage has always been a great colour to use in the kitchen and bathroom. While we’re not suggesting you go out and look for a sage bathtub or tiles, painting the surrounds can have a real impact.